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Well, the pieces are still in place; just nowhere to move them. Tomorrow may prove to be the fifth straight day of rain. Way too many, if you ask me. The roads are starting to wash out and the games are getting old. We got pretty bored and cut Paul’s hair, and then arranged his clippings into different words. That’s right.

I can see a break in the clouds right now though, and spirits are rising. Each morning we wake to the sad sound of rain on the tin roof. I just roll over and put the pillow over my head and try to sleep it off. Today, a few of us went out to get some exercise and find new boulders. Tromping through the wind and rain all day, we actually struck out (by Rocklands standards). Finding a massive new sector in this region is proving harder and harder as the years roll by. I have faith though. By the time we leave, there will arrive a boulder problem so amazing it will blow away the existing ones.

Group chillin.

Group chillin.

The other evening will always be bookmarked in my mind as a braii for the ages. Braii means a "grill out" in Afrikaans. We gathered as many Rocklanders as we could find in the rain, and invited them over for a giant feast. Over five countries were represented. I had so much fun grooving with so many people from around the world, eating loads of food, and sharing incredible wines. Good times. However, the occasion did not scare the weather away, which has since impended. Boooo for my negativity.

So then, not much to say about climbing — besides starting tomorrow, we will wake to blue skies and a cool breeze. You just wait.

Cheers! -Andy