Another Climber Dies in Yosemite


6/4/13 - Yosemite National Park saw another death on Sunday, June 2, after a dislodged rock hit a climber.

Felix Joseph Kiernan, a 28-year-old from London, and his partner were climbing the East Buttress (5.10b) on El Capitan. They were about 600 feet up the route when Kiernan's partner knocked off a block—about 1' x 2'—which fell about 150 feet before striking Kiernan.

A party below Kiernan immediately contacted the Yosemite Emergency Communication Center, and Yosemite Search and Rescue personnel and rangers were dispatched to El Cap. They climbed to reach the deceased Kiernan about two hours later. His body was airlifted out; rangers rappelled the buttress with Keirnan's partner and the party who reported the incident.

It's been a grisly, somber season in California. On Saturday, June 1, 19-year-old Aleh Kalman was swimming above the Nevada Fall, off the Mist Trail, when he was caught in a current and swept down the waterfall. Search teams have not yet recovered his body. Two weeks ago, Mason Robison, 38, died when he dislodged a rock on the Muir Wall on El Cap and fell about 230 feet. His static haul line caught him, killing him on impact. That same weekend, Lucas Dunn, 21, got caught in rockfall in Tahquitz Rock while rappelling down a gully. He died at the scene.

Date of death: June 2, 2013