Another V12 for Pidgeon

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3/31/11 - News link: Thomasina Pidgeon has climbed Beautiful Gecko (V12) at the Sad Boulders in Bishop. On her blog, she says, "It was hard and took me a good few days and a lot of tries. I fell at the 4th move so much that I felt programmed to fall until finally I didn't."

After numerous hold breaks, Beautiful Gecko has been upgraded from V11 to 12. Pidgeon says she's "not an expert at grades," (although she has climbed numerous other V12s) but agrees with the upgrade, which has put her as #1 in 8a's ranks. "I didn't put this problem in as the new grade so to effect [sic] my ranking. I put it in as that because it was hard. Period."


Date of ascent: March 28, 2011