Another Win for Japan in World Cup


7/24/12 - Sachi Amma scored his second win in a row at last weekend's Lead World Cup in Briançon, France, with Hélène Janicot finishing first on the women's side.

Amma climbed three holds higher than second-place finisher Sean McColl. Jakob Schubert finished only one hold lower than McColl, but not because he fell: Judges pulled him off the wall when he exceeded the eight-minute time limit.

In the women's event, five of the six finalists finished the route, leading many to speculate the route was too easy. Scoring came down to performances in semi-finals and qualifications. Janicot came out on top, followed by Johanna Ernst in second and Charlotte Durif in third. Sasha DiGiulian and Jacquelyn Wu represented the U.S., finishing sixth and 45th, respectively. No North American men, besides McColl and Robert Stewart-Patterson (52nd), both from Canada, competed.

With his two Lead wins, Amma is currently ranked in first, followed by McColl and Ramón Julián Puigblanque. Janicot and Mina Markovic are tied for first, with Momoka Oda and Johanna Ernst in third and fourth.

Final women's results:

  1. Hélène Janicot (France)

  2. Johanna Ernst (Austria)

  3. Charlotte Durif (France)

  4. Mina Markovic (Slovenia)

  5. Momoka Oda (Japan)

  6. Sasha DiGiulian (USA)

Final men's results:

  1. Sachi Amma (Japan)

  2. Sean McColl (Canada)

  3. Jakob Schubert (Austria)

  4. Magnus Midtboe (Norway)

  5. Romain Desgranges (France)

  6. Stefano Ghisolfi (Italy)

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