August 2012 - 307

August 2012 - 307


The Guide: Balance: The best slab routes in New England. Plus, more great friction climbs in the U.S.

Poise Patrol: From mantels to no-handed boulder problems, these climbs will test your balancing skills.

Hemp Rope Classics: Eight still-outstanding rock climbs established before WWII.

La Valle: Gorgeous photos and 150 years of history from Val Masino, the Yosemite Valley of northern Italy.

Road Warriors: Skip the grueling high-altitude approaches—head to Colorado's Mt. Evans for drive-up alpine crags.


Find Your Footing: A trainer explains five ways to restore your balance.

Steady Yourself: Practice these three exercises to improve your balance, from How to Climb 5.12's Eric Horst.

Slacklines: Wire-walking webbing for rest days. Plus, the Indo Board.

Descent Shoes: Five top shoes for getting down after the climb.

Tested: An airy helmet, high-performance shoes, and an all-around harness.

Alpine 101: Lessons from a 12-day course in the Cascades.

Multi-Pitch Efficiency: Blake Herrington gives six tips for streamlined, organized climbing.

The Calf Lock: Offwidth master Pamela Pack shows us an unconventional limb-lock for wide cracks.

Altitude Meds: We researched six widely used medicines for big-mountain climbs.

Teaching Kids to Climb: Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou shares her parenting tips for young climbers.

Party of Three: Trim your trio time with guide Marc Chauvin's simple trick.

Alpine Quickdraws: Shoulder-length slings and seven good ways to use them.



The Guide: Balance

Gear: Descent shoes, lightweight helmet, comfortable harness, and more.

Routes: Hemp Rope Classics

Clinics: Alpine draws, efficient multi-pitching, high-altitude drugs, offwidth skills, and more.