August 2013 - 317


Special Report


No-Brainer: At any given time, only about half of climbers are wearing helmets. In this in-depth report, editor-at-large Dougald MacDonald explores why—and why we should be demanding better, more modern protection.


Not for Masochists Only: Don't Call it "The Voo!" We explore the muddled history behind America's most famous offwidth destination: Vedauwoo, Wyoming.

Get Cracking! Picking your first offwidth can be almost as hard as the climb itself. We've narrowed it down to these eight routes.

Mecca: Yosemite is alluring, but it's also intimidating. This editor reflects on her first trip to America's granite epicenter, and shares pointers for how to make the most of your visit.


Don't Just Wing It: Go from flailing to smooth sailing with these crucial offwidth techniques.

The Perfect Backpack Coil: Prevent kinks in your rope and carry it snag-free with this guide's coiling method.

Simul-rapping: Descend quickly and safely in unison with your partner with this advanced rappelling technique.

Cleaning Cams: Don't give up on that stuck piece! Retrieve your gear 100 percent of the time with these six simple tricks.

Health and Training

Prepare for Battle: Use this program to strengthen your hips and shoulders, critical for climbing wide cracks.

Redpoint Resting: Learn how to rest, eat, drink, and even sit correctly between burns to increase your chances of finishing that project.


Groveling Getup: Layers of tape, torn jeans, high-tops, and huge cams: Gear up for your next skin-eating wide crack.

Fall Apparel Guide: When the temps decrease, sending increases. Here are more than a dozen items to keep you outside and climbing into the next season.