Back to School Special: Top Video Countdown, Part 1


8/11/13 - There's a hint of yellow in the trees outside Climbing HQ, and it snowed in the high country last week, and you know what that means: School is just around the corner for many of our readers (and the kids of readers). In anticipation of the coming lockdown, we're counting down the most-viewed videos of the last 12 months. Bookmark these films and trailers for emergency stoke once classwork resumes.

No. 10, Unearthed Teaser, The North FaceAlex Honnold, Renan Ozturk, and Matt Segal sandbag Daniel Woods on his first multi-pitch trad routes, along the Green River in the Utah desert, in this recent trailer.

No. 9, Red River Gorge, The Movie, by Mike Fuselier

An orgy of hard sending in the Red by visiting Europeans Cédric Lachat, Nina Caprez, and others, including Adam Ondra's flash of Southern Smoke Direct (5.14d).

No. 8, Sender One Climbing Gym, Grand Opening/Chris Sharma, by Sanuk

Yes, if you put Chris Sharma in the headline, people will actually flock to a promotional video for a new gym. Featuring Daila Ojeda and Sierra Blair-Coyle doesn't hurt, either.