Back to School Video Countdown, Part 3


8/13/13 - Our countdown of the most-viewed videos of the last 12 months at is getting down to the wire. Not surprisingly, superstars—Honnold, Ondra—ruled the ratings, but a dark-horse film that really spoke to readers came in at No. 2 on our list.

No. 4, Alex Honnold Free-Solo Moab Solar Powered, by GoalZero SolarThe connection between powering up your iPhone and free-soloing a desert tower? Who cares when you've got great footage of Alex Honnold? Here he is soloing the classic desert route Fine Jade (5.11a) on the Rectory, next door to Castleton Tower in Utah.

No. 3, Adam Ondra Climbing in the Flatanger Cave in Norway, by Ove Magne Ribsskog The first footage of Ondra working on the route that would become Change, the world's first 9b+ (5.15c), remained the most popular on, even as more polished clips emerged after the send.

No. 2, 35: A Tribute to the Climbing Life, by Arc'teryx This 5-minute film about a birthday challenge, written by Climbing contributing editor Brendan Leonard and Fitz Cahall (Duct Tape Then Beer), really struck a chord with viewers.

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