Bibik, Meyer Wear 2006 Bouldering Crowns


Is her leg supposed to bend like that? World Cup champion Olga Bibik competes in the finals at Moscow.Photo courtesy of

Bibik, Meyer Wear 2006 Bouldering Crowns

Despite finishing only fourth in the final bouldering World Cup of the year, Russia’s Olga Bibik had enough points after the Moscow comp to win the overall World Cup title for 2006. France’s Jérôme Meyer, who already had his third season title wrapped up, didn’t even make the finals in Moscow and was content to watch from the audience as Austria’s Kilian Fischhuber, runner-up for the season, took the final stage.

Hometown fans had plenty to cheer about in the last comp of a seemingly endless World Cup calendar. (The “season” started way back in March, and before the Moscow event there hadn’t been a bouldering World Cup since June.) In addition to Bibik’s season title, Russian Yulia Abramchuk edged Ukrainian Olga Shalagina in the women’s final in Moscow, while the seemingly ageless Salavat Rakhmetov, 38, finished second among the men.

In just a few months, they’ll start it all again. The first of eight bouldering World Cups on the provisional calendar will be in Germany in late March.

Bouldering World Cup - Moscow, Russia, - November 2-3, 2006

Men1. Kilian Fischhuber (AUT)2. Salavat Rakhmetov (RUS)3. Tomasz Olesky (POL)4. Wouter Jongeneelen (NED)5. Tomás Mrázek (CZE)

Women1. Yulia Abramchuk (RUS)2. Olga Shalagina (UKR)3. Natalija Gros (SLO)4. Olga Bibik (RUS)5. Maud Ansade (FRA);

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