Biskit Passes On


A week ago, Biskit, the beloved climbing dog went missing in Gold Hill, Colorado and never returned. Her owner Tom Kelly of Ouray, Colorado was camping out; when she apparently jumped out of the truck and ran off into the forest. Kelly spent the next week combing the forest for Biskit, only to have a member of the search party find a few remains and her collar; she was the victim of a mountain lion.

Biskit was known for her starring roles in Front Range Freaks and Return to Sender. In these films she scaled difficult walls with precision and demonstrated the leaping ability that only the Jack Russell terrier can possess. She was a bold and brave dog who inspired many in the climbing community, often because we wondered if we could climb as hard or as fast as she could. Biskit is survived by Tom Kelly, her sons Felix, Roca, Ripley and her daughter Winkie.