Blade Runner - Ueli Steck Swiss Army Knife


Wenger, the Swiss Army people, collaborated with the speed-climbing alpinist Ueli Steck to develop this knife ($200,, and once you can get past the shocking price tag, you’ll realize this is no marketing gimmick—the titanium-bodied Steck knife is packed with climber-friendly features. Start with the oversized curved blade, for easy opening while wearing gloves. The stocky blade has a partially serrated edge for slicing through slings and leather straps, along with three hex-head cutouts for tightening bolts; these are sized for ice tools from Petzl, one of Steck’s sponsors, but they fit many bolt heads. (We tested them on 3/8-inch Rawl protection bolts.) Inside are the usual can and bottle openers and screwdriver, plus a file for sharpening ice tools—perfectly adequate for field touch-ups. Plus, the knife’s handle acts as a driver for screw bits (two are included), allowing you to do some ski binding repairs. It’s heavier than the typical belay knife (ca. 3.5 oz.), but it does a lot more. Two less-equipped versions (no file) sell for $140 and $150.