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We’re excited to be part of such a great initiative like the ARI. It’s encouraging to see a publication like Climbing magazine step up in such a big way. This is a program that not only benefits existing climbers but also helps encourage the growth of the climbing community as a whole. We could not think of a better way to help our fellow climbers than being a part of the ARI.

—David Long Sales Manager

About us: BlueWater traces its roots to a family-owned business that began manufacturing ropes and cordage in 1903. Our modern history began in 1969 when we manufactured the first American-made kernmantle caving rope. This rope went on to become the now famous BlueWater II +Plus™. The standard in quality and durability. In 1975 we introduced the first synthetic low elongation rope for fire and industrial high-rise rescue. Synthetic nylon fiber was a radical departure from the norm of one inch manila ropes that were in use. Our UL Classified NFPA 1983/2006 edition life safety ropes have become the most widely used ropes of this type in the country and are the first choice of fire and rescue groups around the world. We followed in 1982 with the first commercially available line of UIAA certified dynamic climbing ropes made in the U.S.A. These ropes rapidly gained popularity with climbers due to their unsurpassed quality and performance.