Bone Dry

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If you’ve deep-water soloed, forded a raging stream, or been doused by a snap storm, you know how handy a waterproof bag can be. The folks at SealLine have for 20-plus years specialized in aquaphobic bags and cases. But their new Urban line, featuring a Shoulder Bag ($149.95), a Tote ($59.95), and the SEALLINE URBAN BACKPACK ($109.95 for 17L, $119.95 for 37L;, breaks new ground. The smaller-sized backpack easily swallowed up shoes, harness, draws, water bottle, rainshell, guidebook, and pocket contents, and then closed via a watertight roll-top and inventive elastic hook-and-strap closure. It also has a comfy carrying system and modern style that works well as an impermeable crag pack, bike bag, or urban carryall. Colors are orange, grey, light blue, red, and green.

—Justin Roth