Bouldering by the Wildflowers - 2006 Crested Butte Bouldering Bonanza Recap


Ben Scott pulling down at the CBBB.Photo by Cody Blair

Bouldering by the Wildflowers - 2006 Crested Butte Bouldering Bonanza Recap

Crested Butte, Colorado (8,885 feet) is a small ski town, National Historic District, and wildflower capital. When the ski lifts shut down for the season and the ski tourists go home, a population of 1,550 artists, cowboys, and adventurers who see the Butte as a recreational paradise remain. Many climbing areas surround the Butte, such as Taylor Canyon, Cement Creek, Spring Creek, Harmels, Hartman Rocks, and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. The Skyland Boulders, located behind the private community of Skyland and home to the Crested Butte Bouldering Bonanza, offer arguably the best bouldering in Colorado. Lines of all heights are found at Skyland, but the area is best known for its heart-fluttering highballs with flat landings.

The Bouldering Bonanza, which takes place over three days in July, celebrates climbing in a breathtaking landscape. The 2006 Bonanza opened with the Majestic Theater offering a multimedia show by Jason Kehl and Timy Fairfield. Locals rubbed shoulders with visitors, climbing side by side with “professionals” Jason Kehl, Matt Wilder, and Angie Payne. The energy of the comp was filled with aggressive dynos, tip schredding crimping and the almighty highballs. Completing the perfect end to a day of climbing, the Brick Oven provided free pizza and beer to all attendees; this was followed by an awards ceremony. Wrapping up the event, Climbing Magazine, the primary sponsor of the event, offered a pancake breakfast for all of those volunteering to help the Access Fund adopt-a-crag.

Thanks to all who attended, and we hope to see more climbers next year.

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