Bouldering Triple Crown


The Triple Crown, a three-event bouldering series at some of the Southeast’s best bouldering areas, concluded Dec. 4 with a competition at Little Rock City, outside Chattanooga, Tenn. Local boy James Litz and the well-traveled Lisa Rands took top honors, winning all three competitions in the series. Matt Bosley, last year’s Triple Crown winner, took second at all three events. Wills Young reports that Litz’s average grade for the 10 boulder problems he did in each of the final two comps was V10, and that Rands managed eight V8s and two V9s at Little Rock City, only one of which she had done before. The Triple Crown’s three comps were at Hound Ears, outside Boone, N.C., on Oct. 2 (an area open only for the single day of the competition each year); Horse Pens 40 in Alabama on Nov. 6; and Little Rock City on Dec. 4. Around 750 climbers entered one or more of the events, and the series raasied more than $5,000 for the Southeastern Climbers Coalition and the Access Fund. “I’d never imagined how many incredibly strong and psyched climbers there are down this way,” Young said. More info at TRIPLE CROWN OVERALL RESULTS Junior 1. Sasha DiGiulian 2. Bradley Woolf 3. Caleb Howard Beginner (Women) 1. Gina Blunt 2. Laurie Hughes 3. Colleen Riddell Beginner (Men) 1. Joseph Cannon 2. Michael Nalley 3. Joshua Spurgin Intermediate (Women) 1. Kristin Warren 2. Bobbie Scott 3. Anne Mclaughlin Intermediate (Men) 1. Joe Rosewall 2. Michael Chung 3. Michael Short Ancient Hard Person 1. Brandon Lemoine 2. Stuart Chapin 3. David Wilson Advanced (Women) 1. Andrea Szekely 2. Jenny Reaser 3. Siemay Lee Advanced (Men) 1. Hunter Damiani 2. Robert Holcomb 3. Chad Gilbert Open (Women) 1. Lisa Rands 2. Kate Reese 3. Natasha Barnes Open (Men) 1. James Litz 2. Matt Bosley 3. Zack Pitts