Brits Climb Coveted Chang Himal North Face

The splendid 1,800-meter (5,905') north face of Chang Himal, with the Bullock-Houseman line and bivouac sites marked. Courtesy of

The splendid 1,800-meter (5,905

News Link: Britons Nick Bullock and Andy Houseman have climbed the much-eyed north face of Chang Himal (a.k.a. Wedge Peak, 6,802 meters/22,316') in far eastern Nepal. The two men climbed the 1,800-meter face (ED+ M6) over four days, and then rappelled and downclimbed the wall in one more day.

Chang Himal had been climbed only once before, from the south in the mid-1970s.

You can read Bullock’s account and see more photos at the DMM website, and read Houseman’s report at the Mountain Equipment blog.

Dates of Ascent: October 29-November 2, 2009