Butora: Waiting for the Storm To Pass

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As fellow gym owners, entrepreneurs, and humans, we understand how much uncertainty COVID-19 has caused and how difficult it is for each of you to make decisions—about closing your doors for the good of our communities, deciding to go to work, or simply leaving the house to go to the grocery store.

Yet, Butora USA looks forward to the summer and fall hoping that this will be behind us soon. With that in mind, we have made efforts to ease the burden both for our retailers and our team:

We are continuing to pay our staff and employees during this time.

Our website team here in Longmont, CO, our shipping team in Lander, WY and our account managers all over the country can and will continue to work in groups of 1-2 and remotely.

We have told all of our Demo Managers to take the next 6 weeks off (paid) in order to ensure that they are out of harm’s way. 

We are supporting the economy by stocking up on inventory during this time so that our retailers will have products available when they open their doors again.

Please stay safe and healthy during this difficult time and please don't hesitate to let us know if there is anything you need.


Bryan, Mack, Tyler, Hofer, Matt, Nick & Brian
Butora USA