Canadian Ice Linkups


Jon Walsh and Caroline Ware have used the long winter days of March for some big ice linkups in western Canada. Last Sunday, the two climbed all of the harder “Beer Climbs” near Field, B.C. After warming up on Guinness Gully (III 4), Guinness Stout (IV 4+) and High Test (IV 4+), they climbed the classic hard triumvirate of Cascade Kronenbourg (IV 6), Carlsberg Column (IV 5) and Pilsner Pillar (III 6).

A couple of days later, along the Icefields Parkway, the two linked Weeping Wall (III 5) to Weeping Pillar (V 6), then returned to the car and drove up the road for a run up the notorious Curtain Call (IV 6).Comment on this story