Chabot Encore!


Alex Chabot of France concluded one of the best weeks of sport climbing ever by climbing three solid 5.14s in one day. According to, on September 6, Chabot first climbed Last Soul Sacrifice (5.14b) at Les Gorges du Loup in southern France, and then redpointed Kinématix (5.14d/9a) and, for a warm-down, redpointed Asaï (5.14b). The first route follows part of a link-up that Chabot redpointed about a week ago for his first 5.14c. Chabot, who has dominated men’s World Cup competition for the past few years, is now making extraordinary progress outside. In the past week, in addition to his first 5.14c and 5.14d, he onsighted a 5.13d and climbed a 5.14b on his first try after dogging up the route once four years earlier. Could this be the month the world gets its first 5.14b onsight?For a photo of Alex Chabot on Ultimate Sacrifice (5.14c), go to