Check Out These Rad Art Prints Of Four Legendary Climbers

Royal Robbins

Royal Robbins, Jim Bridwell, Warren Harding, and John Muir. Your favorite climbing legends are now tattoo-style paintings you can hang on your wall, thanks to San Diego-based tattoo artist and climber Angel Ivan Lopez Canto.

Lopez Canto is selling prints to help fund a trip he and his friends are calling The Baja Project 2015.

“Our intention is to do a long trip looking for undeveloped areas and establish new routes and boulder problems,” says Lopez Canto. “The main objective is to develop new areas and present this to the climbing community through a small video documentary, inviting them to experience the beauty of Baja, California.”

Why these four guys?

“I chose these four legends because of what they brought to climbing,” says Lopez Canto. “Their achievements inspired me to pursue this trip. Back then they didn't have the technology to get information about routes or areas, and they still made a huge impact on the climbing world. I also like them because they all play a different roll in climbing history, as they're from different generations.”

You can buy 7x10 prints for $10 each from All proceeds go towards funding the trip and documentary. Follow the project at (website to come), or on Instagram @the_baja_project2015.

So who’s ready to get a tattoo of Warren Harding’s grizzly face on their bicep?

Warren Harding
Jim Bridwell
John Muir