Chris Sharma Climbs New 5.15b


2/6/13 - Chris Sharma announced via Instagram that he has completed one of his big projects in Santa Linya, Spain. Stoking the Fire ("solid 5.15b") has "so many hard complex sequences with no rests," Sharma wrote in his post. Because he has been "trying these insanely hard projects" in the past couple of years, Sharma hasn't completed many big sends recently, he wrote, but "today in Santa Linya was one of those illusive (sic) moments."


Sharma added in the post, "It sure is good to get to the top once in a while. It's nice to remember what that feels like and that I still have it in me!"

Maybe next is Oliana's La Dura Dura (5.15c?). Both Sharma and Adam Ondra have been hungry for this route, getting closer to putting the moves together every time they tie in. With both climbers back in Spain after holiday and work travel for the past few weeks, a send of the world's second 5.15c may be within sight.

Date of ascent: February 6, 2013

Source: Instagram