Chris Van Leuven


Chris on the summit of the Central Tower of Paine, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile.


Age: 1977

Forte: Thrift store shopping, swimming, longboarding, and nerding on my computer.

Favorite Drink: Endurox

How long have you been with Climbing: 3 months interning, 2 months properly employed.

How did you end up with Climbing: I did some corresponding from Yosemite (where I lived for the most part of 10 years). I wanted to get out (of Yosemite) without settling for a reduction in lifestyle.

Favorite issue: The one with the late Seth Shaw on the cover (he’s free climbing Moonlight buttress). I think this issue won an award.

Favorite department: Editorial, gallery.

Best and worst part about living in Carbondale: Best: I can climb nearly everyday, skate to work, swim laps in the hot springs, and it’s got that small town feel (which I’m used to from my days in Yosemite). Worst: It gets way cold in the winter – but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

How do you spend time in the spring: Hitting all the different climbing areas I can before they get to hot.

Summer: Training, going to Rifle.

Fall: Can’t wait to take my vacation to Yosemite.

Winter: Maybe I should get a pass to one of the mountains. My Mixed/ice climbing skills could use some improvement too. Luckily, John Connor has agreed to go out with me anytime (he’s finally gotten over the time I dropped my axe on his head).

10 years ago: I lived in tent #57 in Boystown (located in Curry Village) Yosemite, (with a bunch of derelicts that I let stay at my place).

In 10 years: I’ll have a couple kids (I thought I would never say that), climb 5.14, and be a patient, compassionate adult (and hopefully not hit a glass ceiling with my career).