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Climb of the Week: Double Gold for Ashima Shiraishi

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September 5, 2015 - Team USA performed extremely well at the 2015 World Youth Championships in Arco, Italy, which wrapped up today with the lead climbing finals. Four U.S. climbers medaled, including Margo Hayes, who won two silver medals, in bouldering and lead; Jesse Grupper, who flashed the Male Juniors final route and took a silver medal in lead climbing; and Josh Brosler, who won silver in his age group in speed climbing.

But no one in the entire competition—including hundreds of 13– to 19-year-old climbers from around the world—dominated like 14-year-old Ashima Shiraishi from New York. Last Monday she completed every problem in the three rounds of competition to win bouldering gold in the Female Youth B age group. In the lead competition, which began Thursday and finished today, she topped out all four climbs for another perfect score. Only 16-year-old Janja Garnbret from Slovenia managed a similar feat, with double gold in the Female Youth A group (she completed three out of four problems in her bouldering final).

Shiraishi’s performance definitely earns her Climb of the Week, but the depth of the U.S. team is impressive, with 14 finalists in the bouldering and lead comps and two climbers in the top four in speed climbing. The U.S. lead finalists were:

Ashima Shiraishi (FYB): Gold Medal Brooke Raboutou (FYB): 4th Margo Hayes (FYA): Silver Medal Grace McKeehan (FYA): 5th Claire Buhrfeind (FYA): 6th Kai Lightner (MYA): 8th Jesse Grupper (MJR): Silver Medal

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