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Climbing access in Quebec granted through Alpine Club of Canada and SEBKA


5/27/10 - Access agreement signed by the Alpine Club of Canada and La Société d’écologie de la batture du Kamouraska (SEBKA) allows ACC members to climb free of charge at one of Québec’s premier climbing areas.

This is the first agreement signed between the ACC and the owner/operator of a climbing site in Quebec, and the Club looks forward to creating similar agreements with other landowners in the future. The ACC/SEBKA agreement is supported by the ACC’s liability insurance which covers all members who climb at the site, whether independently or as part of an ACC Section activity. The ACC will be launching a bilingual website in the near future providing members with full details on their climbing access options in Québec.

If you plan to climb at Kamouraska, please read the access conditions listed below, and do not forget your ACC membership card!

  • The site is open from May 15 to October 15

  • All climbers must arrive at the SEBKA office to comply with the regulations of the site daily and get a daily parking ticket

  • The SEBKA office is located at 273, Route 132 Ouest, three kilometres east of St. André-de- Kamouraska. Their telephone number is (418) 493-9984

  • The hours of use of the site are from 8:00 am until one hour before sunset

  • It is strictly forbidden to sleep on the sites and make fires

  • Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended and it would be appreciated if members of the ACC lead by example

  • There is no smoking on the sites because the presence of peat creates a significant fire hazard

  • Dogs are prohibited at all times on the site

  • Climbers are requested to close gates behind them when using livestock access trails.

The ACC greatly appreciates the access conditions being provided to its members by SEBKA. All ACC members should remember that access on private land is a privilege that must be respected through our good conduct and Leave No Trace ethics. The ACC encourages all members to support SEBKA through your actions.

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