Climbing Delivers 6% Bonus Circulation Per Issue


Boulder, CO – December 11, 2009 – According to the recently-released Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) statement, Climbing Magazine ( recorded an average per-issue circulation of 42,343 for the first half of 2009; this delivers 6% bonus circulation over the average circulation stated at the start of the year – equivalent to an additional 23,430 copies.

Climbing’s 6% bonus circulation is in contrast to the performance of the number-two magazine in the same category, Rock & Ice. According to Rock & Ice’s Statement of Ownership published in its January 2010 issue, the magazine’s average circulation per-issue in 2009 was 24,778, 18% short of the circulation commitment made in the magazine’s media kit at the start of the year. Rock & Ice’s shortfall is equivalent to 47,673 less copies in circulation.

Climbing Magazine’s average per issue circulation — the only ABC-audited circulation in the category — has exceeded 40,000 copies every year for the last two-years - having grown 19 percent between 2007 and 2009. Over the same period, Rock & Ice magazine’s average circulation has fallen 9% to 24,778.

About Climbing Magazine:Founded in 1970, Climbing Magazine is the largest-circulation climbing magazine in North America. Skram Media, publisher of Climbing, leads the industry by providing a portfolio of highly read multiplatform editorial products, reaching over 330,000 readers monthly and many more online. With the acquisition of Mountain Gazette in Fall 2008, Skram Media provides advertisers the opportunity to reach the full spectrum of outdoor enthusiasts.