Climbing Delivers 9.5% Bonus Circulation Per Issue


New York, NY and Boulder, CO – March 9, 2009 – According to the recently-released Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) statement, Climbing Magazine ( recorded an average per-issue circulation of 43,785 in 2008; this delivers 9.5% bonus circulation over the average circulation stated at the start of the year - equivalent to an additional 34,065 copies.

Climbing Magazine’s circulation — the only ABC-audited circulation in the category — is now at the highest level in more than 5 years, having grown 20 percent in the last two years. Skram Media, publisher of Climbing, acquired the magazine from Primedia in December 2006.

Climbing’s 9.5% bonus circulation is in contrast to the performance of the number-two magazine in the same category, Rock & Ice. According to the magazine’s Statement of Ownership published in its January 2009 issue, Rock & Ice’s average circulation per-issue in 2008 was 26,599, 12% short of their stated circulation at the start the year of 30,075. Rock & Ice’s shortfall is equivalent to 27,808 less copies in circulation.

"In this ever-changing media landscape, it is imperative for magazines to respond to the industry's need for accurate and credible reporting of circulation data," said Mark Crowther, CEO of Skram Media. "By committing Climbing to participate in ABC, we're providing our advertisers with the information they need to ensure that their hard-earned ad dollars are reaching the consumers they want."

Climbing’s ABC Statement includes the following data and calculations:

• Subscriptions, paid and verified

• Total paid and verified subscriptions

• Single-copy sales

• Total paid and verified circulation

• Average analyzed non-paid circulation

• Total paid, verified and analyzed non-paid circulation

Copies of Climbing Magazine’s 2008 ABC statements can be obtained by contacting: Mark Crowther, at or phone (212) 691-2921 x101.

About Climbing Magazine: Founded in 1970, Climbing Magazine is the largest-circulation climbing magazine in North America. Skram Media, publisher of Climbing, delivers the largest and broadest audience of mountain-enthusiasts of any media combination through its print magazines and websites Climbing (, Urban Climber (,, and Mountain Gazette ( For more information visit