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0 friction – Personal lubricant and image repository for a global bouldering community. http://0friction.com

8a.nu – News and forums on hard sport routes and boulder problems. http://www.8a.nu

ABC-of-Mountaineering – A leading resource for mountaineering information. http://www.abc-of-mountaineering.com

ABC-of-RockClimbing – Information portal for anything related to rock climbing. http://www.abc-of-rockclimbing.com

Aconcagua Now – Live webcam on the mountain. http://www.aconcaguanow.com

Alaksa Ice Climbing – Built by Alaska ice climbers for ice climbers in the Last Frontier with comprehensive information on climbs throughout Alaska. http://www.alaskaiceclimbing.com

All Climbing – Climbing news, info, and commentary. http://www.allclimbing.com

Alta Montanha – Brazilian website about mountaineering. http://www.altamontanha.com

Altitude Physiology – Apex, a research organisationfor high altitude illness. http://www.altitudephysiology.org

Andes Madness – Images of the Cordillera Blanca, Peru. http://www.andesmadness.com

Bay Area Rock Climbers – Photos, topos, and Beta for the Bay Area. http://www.bayareaclimbers.com

Ben Moon – The site of Ben Moon with photos, videos and products. http://www.benmoon.co.uk

Beta Ascents – Beta Accents is a social community for climbers of all disciplines; aid climbing, rock climbing, bouldering, and ice climbing. http://www.betaaccents.com

Bloody Flapper – Central Texas bouldering forums and photos. http://www.bloodyflapper.com

Big Wall – A Dutch site about big wall climbing. www.bigwall.nl

Boldering.com – Bouldering forum. http://www.boldering.com/forums

Bouldering Domain – Webguides, Beta, and photos. http://www.bouldering.com

Bouldering.info The bouldering portal. http://bouldering.info

Boulder Raush – Bouldering pics, video, and Beta in the Frankenjura Germany. http://www.boulderrausch.de

BS Productions – Video shorts, clips from current projects, and trailers for all B.S.P. films. http://www.bsproductions.us

Cartel Productions – High energy climbing multi-media production site. http://www.cartelclimbing.com

Climbing Junky – A site for the NW US climbers. http://www.climbingjunky.com

Climbing Guide Bulgaria - News, online climbing guidebook, place to share and comment about routes. http://www.climbingguidebg.com

Climbing Partners - Rock Buddies – Find climbing partners world-wide for indoor and outdoor rock climbing. http://www.climbing-partners.com

Climbing on Stones – Climbing, bouldering, and mountaineering links. http://www.climbing.st

Climb ZA – (South Africa) Climbing news and forums. http://www.climb.co.za

Colectivo Vertical – Rock climbing in Venezuela. http://www.colectivovertical.com

Cuba Climbing.com – Explores the connection of Cuba and climbing. http://www.cubaclimbing.com

Dargaud's – Extensive personal site with lots of climbing pics. http://www.gdargaud.net/Climbing/index.html

Devin Balet – Climbing and other outdoor photos. http://faculty.coloradomtn.edu

El Portrero Chico.com – Climbing information for travelers going to Mexico's multipitch sport Mecca. http://www.elpotrerochico.com

Enchanted Tower Climbing – Directions and guidebook info for one of New Mexico's great sport crags. http://www.enchantedtowerclimbing.com

Escalando - Rock climbing in Méxicohttp://www.escalando.net

Freak Climbing – News, stories, movies. http://www.freakclimbing.com

Front Range Bouldering – Photos, Beta, stories, and message boards. http://www.frontrangebouldering.com

Foto Search - Search "Mountain Climbing" at Foto Search Photography - http://www.fotosearch.com

Global Bouldering - Swedish based site that include information, photos and videos about bouldering areas all over the world. http://www.globalbouldering.com

Gripped Magazine – Canada's Climbing Magazine. http://www.gripped.com

Guia da Urca – Sugar-Loaf climbing area in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is the best known area for climbing in Brazil. 300 routes and 200 boulders from 5.6 to 5.14. http://www.guiadaurca.com

HAPE (high altitude pulmonary oedema) – A research database of people worldwide who have previously suffered from HAPE http://www.hape.org.uk; www.altitudephysiology.org

Inazio – Photos, topos, and maps to climbing, hiking, and canyoneering around Spain. http://www.inazio.com

Joshua Tree Climb – Information and news about new routes and what's happening in park. Mebership and fee required. http://www.joshuatreeclimb.com

Karst Climber – For the hungry climber. Info and photos of climbing on the karst towers in the Yangshuo region of southern China. http://www.karstclimber.com

Klimb.com – Bouldering/sport climbing in Spokane, WA, and pics of bouldering in various areas, such as Spokane, Bishop, Austin... http://www.klimb.com

lezartiste – (French) Art, Expression, Climbing... nice animations. http://lezartistes.org

Modump Bouldering – "the best stuff" Bouldering galleries, videos, and news. http://www.modump.com

Mojo Zone – Galleries, topo's, and news about climbing in New Zealand. www.mojozone.co.nz

Mountain Days – Rock climbing, mountaineering and hill walking in the UK and beyond. http://www.mountaindays.net

Mountain Gallery – Mountain and Climbing Photography by Joaquim Hernandez. http://www.mountain-gallery.com

Mountain Voices – (Brazil) Information about climbing in four main states: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Paraná and Minas Gerais. http://www.mountainvoices.com.br

Mount Everest The British Story – Loads of useful facts and information relating to the British on Mount Everest. http://www.everest1953.co.uk

Mr. Bill's Vertical Adventures – Cartoons, pics, stories and more. http://www.mrbills.org

Mt. Crimea – (Ukraine)Outdoor activities in Crimea. http://www.mt.crimea.com

My Mountain – From the Ticino (Switzerland) and the Lombardia (Italia) regions and also expeditions around the world. http://www.mymountain.ch

NE Climbs – The home of New England climbing, web cams, forums, route database... http://www.neclimbs.com

New England Bouldering – News, pics and videos about bouldering in NE. http://www.newenglandbouldering.com

NE Ice – New England Ice climbing beta, photos... http://www.neice.com

North America Classics – Gary Clark's page with beta on the best routes in NA! http://naclassics.com

Nudos/Knots - Atando cabos - Watch a video of how to tie almost every knot you ever wanted. http://www.nudos.org/

Nuestra Montana - Trekking and mountain climbing in Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash, Perú. http://www.nuestramontana.com

Ojo Vertical - Artistic photo site by two Spaniards about climbing and travel photgraphy from around the world.http://www.ojovertical.com

Orbe Climbing – News, stories, links... http://www.orbeclimbing.com

OutVentures – Seattle outdoor adventure group. http://www.outventures.org

On Rock – A unique reference point on climbing and walking.http://www.onrock.co.uk

Planet Fear – The UK's premier climbing site. Forums, feature stories, event info, equipment sales... http://www.planetfear.com

Pull Photography – Nathan Smith's climbing site with hundreds of images. http://www.pullphotography.com

Rainer Eder - Outdoor Photography from Zürich Switzerland http://www.rainereder.com

Risk Journal – (Russia) Magazine about mountains, expeditions, peolpe... http://www.risk.ru

Risk taking – Gives a psychological perspective on why people enjoy rock climbing and other "high risk" sports. http://risktaking.co.uk

Rock Climbing.com – Worldwide community of climbers to share information. http://www.rockclimbing.com

Rock Climbing Jobs – A listing of rock climbing jobs in the United States and Canada. http://www.rockclimbingjobs.com

Rumos: Navegação em Montanhas – Brazilian community site with Google Earth and GPS data for trekkers mountaineers. http://www.rumos.net.br

SA Mountain Magazine – South Africa's only dedicated climbing and mountaineering magazine. http://www.samountainmag.com

Self catering accommodations – Adventure Climbing on the Costa Blanca, Spain. http://www.abdet.com/climbing

Spadout.com – Resources for the outdoor sports community. http://www.spadout.com

Stone Monkey – Danish climbing and bouldering site. http://www.stonemonkey.dk

Style of Gravity – extreme sports movie and slideshow production. http://www.styleofgravity.com

Summit Post – Climbing info on a growing selection of mountains built by its members. http://www.summitpost.org

Teamlescollets.com – Movies and pictures featuring french climber Tony Lamiche. http://www.teamlescollets.com

The Mountain World - News, opinion and trip reports by Climbing.com Editor Dougald MacDonald http://www.themountainworld.blogspot.com

Tim Ashwood's Adventure Therapy – Tim proves climbing and hiking is the best therapy for cerebral palsy. http://www.timsashwood.com

Tommy Heinrich – Photography website of Tommy Heinrich. http://www.tommyheinrich.com

Trad Girl - Forums, trip reports, stories, some route info... http://www.tradgirl.com

UK Climbing – Forums, photos, news, databases and more. http://www.ukclimbing.com

Vert Video – The source for online climbing videos. Clips from Arizona and around the southwest. http://www.vertvideo.com

Via-Ferrata – Photos and trip reports of the cable routes in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and France. http://www.via-ferrata.de

Video Climb – The best climbing videos found on the net. http://www.videoclimb.com/

Warriors Way – Mental Training for climbers. http://www.warriorsway.com

Where to Ski – Tips for skiing, ski mountaineering, avalanches and hiking in the Alps. http://www.wheretoski.net

Wired Nut – Mid-Atlantic regional climbing news. New River Gorge, Red River Gorge, Gunks, North Carolina, and more. http://www.wirednut.com

Wokletern – German site for indoor climbing walls. http://www.woklettern.de

Women's Wilderness Institute – Offering wilderness-based programs for women and girls in the Rocky Mountains and southwestern deserts. http://www.womenswilderness.org

Woodrocks – Bouldering in Austria. http://www.woodrocks.at

WorldTopo.com – Your guide to the world. http://www.worldtopo.com

Yannick Michelat Photography – Climbing in Europe and around the world. http://yannick.michelat.free.fr

YogaClimbing – Yoga for Climbers, asana sequences for climbing, pranayama techniques for climbing, mindfulness meditation practice and more. http://www.yogaclimbing.com

Zebloc – Everything about bouldering in France. http://www.zebloc.com

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