Carbondale, CO – August 7, 2006 – In an effort to protect and preserve the environment climbers call home, CLIMBING Magazine announced today that it has become the first vertical publication in the world to switch permanently to 100-percent recycled paper, and not just any recycled paper — 85 percent post-consumer waste (PCW) paper. This isthe highest level of PCW used by any magazine in the outdoor industry.

“All of us here at CLIMBING are climbers — climbers who care that our environment is getting jacked over,” said Jonathan Thesenga, CLIMBING’s Editor-in-Chief. “Switching to 100 percent recycled paper with 85 percent PCW is just one of the many ways CLIMBING is making an effort to become a more socially responsible company and minimize the impact it has on our environment.”

As the leader in the vertical-publication world, CLIMBING is able to work with a paper mill internationally renowned (and awarded) for its environmentally conscious production methods used to manufacture the finest recycled paper possible. This paper will actually be of better quality than CLIMBING’s previously used virgin paper, resulting in gains forboth the environment andprinting quality.

By using 85 percent post-consumer waste paper, CLIMBING will be able to make a huge reduction in resources used to publish each issue. The resources saved by printing the inaugural recycled paper issue (October 2006, #252) include: 201 trees, 14,701 gallons of water, and 61,385 pounds of greenhouse gases.

“Add those numbers up over the course of six or 60 issues,” said Thesenga, “and CLIMBING is truly making a difference for our environment. All of us here at CLIMBING are extremely proud to be a part of that difference.”

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