Climbing Photo Clinic at PBB


Climbing Magazine editors to host photography clinic and Phoenix BoulderBlast

Climbing Magazine’s Photo Editor, Zach Reynolds, and Editor, Jeff Achey will host a clinic on bouldering photography. The clinic is open to 15 participants and will focus on the basics of camera operation, light, exposure, and other important topics of photography, as well as the important aspects of shooting bouldering – angle, action, composition, timing, and more.

This is a chance to get insight on how pro photographers work and instruction on how to improve your skills as a photographer. Bring a camera for hands on instruction as the class heads into the field. The clinic concludes with a visual tour of bouldering photography in a classroom-style setting. The clinic is scheduled for 3:00 pm on Friday April 23rd and will last the majority of the afternoon and early evening.

To sign up contact Scott Leonard at (970) 704-2614 or email

Participation is on a first come, first serve basis.