Colorado Alpine Sickness


It has been a good year in Colorado, marked with new development and repeats of established problems and routes. Rocky Mountain National Park saw a lot of action. The local testpiece Freaks of the Industry (V14) got sent by champs Daniel Woods, Ben Safdi and Dave Graham. Freshly Squeezed (V13) and The Gobot (V12) were sent by a handful of people, including Johnny Goicochea, Daniel Woods and Ben Safdi. In the neighboring canyon on the Hallet’s Boulder, Stranger in a Strange Land (V12) was repeated by Joe Kinder, Mark Hobson and Jamie Emerson. Johnny Goicochea just did the sit start to Veritas (V9), making a great new (and high) V11 in RMNP.


Chad Greedy on Matt Segal's new trad/sport route, The Beginning of the End (5.13c) at 11,000 ft.


Matt Segal added a mixed sport/trad route repeated by Tommy Caldwell and said to be around 5.13c. Tommy Caldwell and Topher Donahue put up some new traditional routes on the Ships Prow to the left of Sarchasm (5.14a), both 5.13R; one new of the new routes frees an old Bernard Gillett aid line.


The Diamond, Longs Peak, RMNP.

Mt. Evans officially went off this season. Luke Parady's No More Greener Grass (V12) is probably one of the best-looking problems on the planet and on everyone’s tick list this year. It was done by Dave Graham, Daniel Woods, Ben Safdi (in 30 minutes), Jason Kehl and many more. Cameron Cross put up another area classic, City Walls of Dying Dreams (V10), a 25-foot perfect arête in Area B. Jason Kehl has done the moves to a sit start making it a grade or two harder (around V11?) but very high and scary...


Jason Kehl on All Dogs Go to Evans (V9).


Ben Safdi on the Left el Jorge (V12).


Mark "Cookie" Hobson on Bierstadt (v10). Mark did Stranger in a Strange Land (V12), The Gobot (V12), and many more this summer in RMNP.


Jason Kehl on City Walls of Dying Dreams (V10), a 25 foot perfect arête in Area B.


Jason Kehl on Skipper Roof (V12).


Jason Kehl on No More Greener Grass (V12).


Jason Kehl on No More Greener Grass (V12).