Daila Ojeda Redpoints Mind Control (5.14c)


2/17/12 - Spanish climber Daila Ojeda redpointed Mind Control (5.14c) in Oliana, Spain, yesterday. "It was really nice to clip the chains and remember what it's like to redpoint," she said on her blog. "It's so good!"

Two years ago, Daila, girlfriend of Chris Sharma, climbed her first 5.14b with Fish Eye, also at Oliana. In October 2010, she followed up with Aitzol (5.14b), in Margalef, Spain. Then just two months later, she fired Full Equip, her third 5.14b, in Oliana.

Ojeda reported that Joe Kinder also climbed Mind Control yesterday.

You may have first heard of Mind Control when Adam Ondra went on his 5.14c onsight rampage last March. The Czech climber onsighted that line as well as four others that month. Click here to see the video.

See photos of Ojeda by Keith Ladzinski at her blog.

Date of ascent: February 16, 2012

Source: englishdailaojeda.blogspot.com, climbing.com