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Daniel Holz - Reader BlogsTraveler, Climber, Photographer, Music Lover, Trouble MakerAfter spending the first 25 years of his life in rural New Jersey, Dan packed up his truck with a few essentials and a haul bag full of gear and headed West.

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Daniel Holz - Reader Blog 83/7/11 - Sitting in the smoky haze of an internet café in downtown Jakarta, my girlfriend Lisa and I stumbled upon a surprisingly comprehensive website for climbing beta throughout the Indonesian archipelago. Perhaps this was the click we’d been waiting for? The Indonesian Climbing Federation (http://fpti.seacf.org/main.php) told of a hidden gem called Siung Beach.Daniel Holz - Reader Blog 78/6/10 - India. There are few countries with such a rich cultural tapestry literally dripping with sights, sounds and smells that are so insulting and inspiring at the same time. It is truly a land of distinguished disparity, and once you have made her acquaintance you will always answer her beckoned call. And if the constant flow of spice and commotion isn’t enough to draw you back – the soulful granite of Hampi and grand sandstone cliffs of Badami certainly will. Daniel Holz - Reader Blog 65/5/10 - I have been obsessed with National Geographic since I was a kid. At the beginning of every month, I would sprint to the front door as soon as I heard the brass flap of the mail drop clank and the shuffle of parcels dropping to the hardwood floor to grab my newest issue. Poring over the glossy pages, I actually felt as if I swam with great whales, rode lumbering camels through the deserts of Pakistan, and trekked across the mighty Himalaya themselves.Daniel Holz - Reader Blog 510/07/09 - Tonsai Beach, Thailand - Ahh, Tonsai. While I would love to offer you some groundbreaking news on one of the world’s most beloved crags, I’ve got nothin’. Seriously, what more can be said about this place that hasn’t already been put out there and fed to the masses? While it’s true that there are few places in this world where your belayer can pull rope from a beach side bar. And even fewer places where a local known only as the ‘Chicken Mama’ serves up a plate of mango sticky rice that will bring you to your knees.Daniel Holz - Reader Blog 47/24/09 - Harau Valley, West Sumatra, Indonesia - If you've been following this blog, you might expect this next entry to arrive from somewhere in mainland Asia - perhaps China or Tibet. We even considered heading straight to Mongolia to avoid the monsoon season in southern Asia. But one click of the Google search button changed our minds completely.Daniel Holz - Reader Blog 37/01/09 - Cragging in the Kathmandu Valley - When one thinks of Nepal, visions of glaciated peaks, alpine quests and elusive yetis often come to mind.  Clipping bolts in Kathmandu typically does not.  But if the sport climbing bug rears its ugly head on your trekking vacation, there is a beautiful, limestone crag boasting twenty-two very well bolted routes just five kilometers from downtown in the Nagarjun Forest Preserve.Daniel Holz - Reader Blog 26/03/09 - Manali, Climbing’s Next Shangri-La? - It was a difficult decision to make, but we desperately needed to escape the punishing 44 degree C temperatures of Southern India. Though they beckoned for the snap of our quickdraws, we had to forgo Badami’s beautiful bolted lines altogether. The time had come to travel north to the land of snow capped peaks and yak cheese.Daniel Holz - Reader Blog 14/15/09 - Years back, I asked a friend how she was able to commit to bouncing around Europe for months at a time without a care in the world. She plainly replied, “It’s simple Dan, just buy your ticket and the rest will fall into place.” I didn’t realize it at the time, but there was so much brilliance embedded in her simple answer.