Daniel Woods’ Arkansas Rampage


Daniel Woods swinging on Ozark sandstone. The problem is Welcome to the Fightclub (V13). Courtesy of Woodsfamilyclimbs.com.

Daniel Woods’ Arkansas Rampage

News Link: Coloradan Daniel Woods has posted a first-person account of his three-and-a-half-week New Year’s trip to Arkansas at the Sportiva website. Among the many problems Woods climbed were Wood Grain Grippin’ (V14, two-day second ascent); Welcome to the Fightclub (V13, first ascent); PCP (V13, first ascent); Chunk up the Deuce (V13, second ascent); and the Anti-Hero (V13).

Dates of Ascents: December 2008-January 2009

Sources:Sportiva.com, 8a.nu

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