Dave Graham - Pro Blog 8

Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona, Spain.

Another route is Obrin Pass, which is not as sick as the collonette, but really pretty and crazy as well! There should be a sick extension which Dani has just bolted leading out a crazy prow, after climbing a very steep 8c+ [5.14c] route. Hard. I climbed it to the first anchor, which is hard for 8c [5.14b], but really nice! Bouldery pocket moves in the bottom lead to a mini prow/knee bar structure in the middle of the roof, and with great compression moves, heel hooks, slaps around corners, you make your way out into a very resistant section of quasi-footless maneuvers. Very fun, and very cool. We have top go back and try the extension.

“Too many projects, and too little skin. Too many projects, and too little time.” This is our strange little chant, we tell ourselves day in day out. As we work ourselves into utter madness by trying too many routes, all at once. We pay the very sacred price of being completely obsessed with rock climbing.

Damn life is good.

Happy New Year, and mucho fuerza, to all!

—Dave Graham