Dawn Wall Highlights From Around the Internet

It’s been a lot of fun following the Dawn Wall story over the past few weeks. It’s also been a lot of fun watching the mainstream media coverage surrounding it. Here are a few highlights.

Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson on SportsCenter

It’s exciting to see how climbing crosses over into mainstream sports media. This interview is a bit like if an ESPN commentator interviewed Michael Jordan after a record-breaking game, if the commentator had never seen basketball before. Sadly, Caldwell struggles to speak through the segment, after losing his voice while cheering Jorgeson on up the wall.


Michael Keaton Compares Oscar Nomination to His Own Dawn Wall

Since summiting, Kevin Jorgeson has been urging spectators to find their own personal Dawn Wall. Actor Michael Keaton wasted no time. According to The Hollywood Reporter: “Keaton had been following the weekslong record-making ascent of two climbers of Yosemite National Park’s El Capitan peak, which they finished Wednesday. He saw parallels in the timing and the accomplishment of the feat with his own career climb with his work in Birdman and the early-morning Oscar announcement.”

President Obama Congratulates Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson

And did the president watch, with bated breath, the livestream of Caldwell and Jorgeson climbing the last four pitches? We can only speculate, but we’d say yes. Definitely.

Two Idiots Climb Big Thing for Some Stupid Reason

The Daily Mash, a humor site, posted a pretty brilliant, probably satirical article about The Dawn Wall, that’s likely not far from the real opinion of those non-climbers that were less than impressed by the historic climb.

ABC News Asks Alex “Honnlove” if He’s Ever Free Climbed El Capitan

Also entertaining is when the reporter asks Honnold how he would carry Caldwell’s son Fitz up the wall. And even better, in the article that accompanies the video, the author misspells Honnold as “Honnlove” every single time.

Google Gets Everything Wrong

While usually pretty reliable, Google displayed the above bio when searching “Kevin Jorgeson” for at least a week. Nearly every detail is wrong. It has since been corrected.