Dawn Wall Update: Caldwell Completes 5.13c Pitches, Jorgeson Sends Pitch 15


1/9/15 - UPDATE Breaking news: Kevin Jorgeson completed pitch 15 this afternoon, after many attempts spread over a week.

Last night Tommy Caldwell finished the final 5.13c/d pitches to reach Wino Ledge above pitch 20. According to wife Becca Caldwell, Tommy believed that if he could make it to Wino Ledge, the Dawn Wall would be possible. Now he's there, with about 12 pitches of easier climbing in the 5.11 to 5.12 range between him and the summit, spare the stray 5.13 move here and there. Tom Evans reports that Caldwell has told the crew that no further resupplies will be necessary, and he speculates he could summit early-to-mid week.

Now that Jorgeson has finished pitch 15, he'll be attempting the pitches Caldwell has already completed, hoping they can finish the route together. The longterm forecast for the Valley shows potential rain late next week, but it looks good until then.

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