Dawn Wall Update: The Final Push


Kevin Jorgeson makes the 5.13c pitch 18 look easy. Photo: Tom Evans/ElCapReport.com

1/13/15 - Just a few days ago Kevin Jorgeson's success on the Dawn Wall was in question. He'd been stuck on pitch 15 for seven days. His finger skin was shredded. It seemed like he may have hit his high point. Since then, Jorgeson has erased any doubts about his ability to get to the top of the 3,000-foot face. He fired off pitch 15, went on to stick the notorious dyno on pitch 16, and then kept his momentum and caught up to partner Tommy Caldwell on Wino Tower at pitch 20 in a matter of days. This puts all of the 5.14 and 5.13 pitches behind the team, besides one 5.13a boulder problem near the top of the wall. The majority of the remaining pitches are 5.11 and 5.12, all relatively easy compared to what the duo has already accomplished.

As of this morning, Caldwell and Jorgeson began knocking out the remaining 11 pitches. While anything can still happen—a surprise storm, rock fall, or injury could jeopardize the effort—success is beginning to feel imminent. The team plans to climb to and bivvy at the Ship's Bow tonight, a mere four pitches from the top. They're expected to reach the summit tomorrow evening.

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