Deadly Avalanche on Manaslu

Manaslu at sunrise. Photo by Ben Tubby / Wikipedia

Manaslu at sunrise. Photo by Ben Tubby / Wikipedia

News Link: An avalanche on 26,759-foot Manaslu in Nepal, the eighth-highest mountain in the world, killed at least eight people, with three still missing, and injured many others. The avalanche struck early Sunday morning, September 22, as climbers lay in their tents at Camp 3 on the standard Northeast Face route, at about 23,000 feet.

Extreme skier Glen Plake was carried about 1,000 feet down the mountain by the avalanche and suffered minor injuries but survived. Plake said there had been 25 tents at Camp 3 and all were destroyed by the slide. Rescue helicopters carried at least 10 survivors to hospitals in Kathmandu.

First climbed in 1956, Manaslu remained relatively unpopular among Himalayan 8,000'ers until fairly recently; it wasn't climbed by an American until 1997, when Charlie Mace from Colorado reached the top. But with uncertain access to the Chinese side of popular Cho Oyu in recent years, commercial guiding companies have been organizing far more expeditions to Manaslu, resulting in crowds on the mountain.

The BBC posted a good update on the Manaslu tragedy this morning.