Defying Gravity: Woods Establishes V15 in Colorado


Woods sticking the final jump move. Photo by Bearcam Media/Courtesy Daniel Woods' Instagram

11/21/13 - Daniel Woods has claimed his 19th (that's right, 19th*) V15 boulder problem with the first ascent of the aptly named Defying Gravity.

Located at Thunder Ridge in South Platte, Colorado, Defying Gravity sits at about 25 tall, and Woods thinks it's almost 60 degrees overhanging. ("Max [Krimmer] busted out the protractor," Woods says.) Though the final move is an "epic jump," the crux is the first move. Then semi-incut rail features lead to "a victory finish on perfect, Rocktown-esque slopers."

Woods worked out the moves with Austin Geiman and Jimmy Webb. Woods took two days to figure out the individual moves, and then started linking them the next session. He finished it on his fourth day, in windy, 40-degree conditions. When his feet went horizontal on the final dyno, Woods jokes, "I felt as if I was going to blow away."

One of Woods' biggest challenges was not only staying strong in the body, but mind as well. "[Jimmy Webb's] work ethic is motivating, and allowed me to realize that I need to brutalize myself in order to get shit done," Woods says. "Your mind controls your body, so when you feel weak, you give up. It was key to learn how to enter the zone and overcome fatigue, making my mind and body stronger."

Date of ascent: November 16, 2013

Source: Daniel Woods

*This does not include problems that have been downgraded.