Diamond Braves Super-Highball V11 in Bishop


Shawn Diamond on Luminance (V11?) near Bishop, California. Above him is a full-on dyno to a hold just below the lip. © Wills Young / Bishopbouldering.blogspot.com

Diamond Braves Super-Highball V11 in Bishop

News Link: After sussing the moves with a top rope, Shawn Diamond bouldered the first ascent of a “super-highball” problem called Luminance (tentatively graded V11) near the Buttermilks in California. The problem ascends a huge granite overhang with a big dyno to the lip, above a landing zone that slopes steeply away from the base. One of Diamond’s two spotters, who had to be anchored below the problem to prevent his own catastrophic fall, called the climb the “scariest thing I’ve ever seen.”

See the Bishop Bouldering Blog for the complete story and full-size Wills Young photos of the ascent.

Date of Ascent: December 28, 2008


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