DiGiulian, McColl Take Gold at PanAmerican Championships


11/12/12 - Sasha DiGiulian swept this year's PanAmerican Championship, taking first place titles in both lead climbing and bouldering. Canada's Sean McColl placed first in men’s lead and second in bouldering, and is the first Canadian to place in the competition. Climbers from the event’s host country, Venezuela, also made a strong showing.

The competition, held November 7 to 11 in San Juan de los Morros, Venezuela, was only the second since the PanAmerican Council of the International Federation of Sport Climbing formed in 2009. PanAmerican climbing events, however, are not new; nor is DiGiulian’s strong performance. The 20-year-old has consistently placed first in the PanAmerican Youth Championships since 2004. She also took first in women’s lead climbing at the event in 2010.

This year’s win came as a relief to DiGiulian, who is recovering from a ruptured A2 pulley injury. The injury kept her out of the 2012 Acro Rockmaster and World Championship competitions. “This fall was a rough time for me mentally to be a spectator, sidelined by injury,” DiGiulian said on her blog.

Venezuelan climbers Francis Rodriguez, Francis Guillen, Alvaeliz Ortega, and Rossi Gabazú rounded out the top five in women’s lead. Guillen also placed third in women’s bouldering, behind U.S. climber Francesa Metcalf. Venezuelan Manuel Escobar placed first in men’s bouldering. Reinaldo Camacho and Escobar took the second and third rankings in men’s lead.

Women’s Lead Final Results

  1. Sasha DiGiulian (USA)

  2. Francis Rodriguez (Venezuela)

  3. Francis Guillen (Venezuela)

  4. Alvaeliz Ortega (Venezuela)

  5. Rossi Gabazú (Venezuela)

  6. Carolina Rosero (Ecuador)

Men’s Lead Final Results

  1. Sean McColl (Canada)

  2. Reinaldo Camacho (Venezuela)

  3. Manuel Escobar (Venezuela)

  4. Christian Medina (Ecuador)

  5. Mauricio Huerta (Mexico)

  6. Richard Morales (Venezuela)

Women’s Bouldering Final Results

  1. Sasha DiGiulian (USA)

  2. Francesca Metcalf (USA)

  3. Francis Guillen (Venezuela)

  4. Francis Rodriguez (Venezuela)

  5. Lucelia Blanco (Venezuela)

  6. Rossi Gabazú (Venezuela)

Men’s Bouldering Final Results

  1. Manuel Escobar (Venezuela)

  2. Sean McColl (Canada)

  3. Mauricio Huerta (Mexico)

  4. Reinaldo Camacho (Venezuela)

  5. Josmar Nieves (Venezuela)

  6. Esteban Eguez (Ecuador)

Sources: ifsc-climbing.org, sasha-digiulian.com/blog