DiGiulian Third in Youth World Championships

8/28/11 – Almost 700 young climbers came together to compete in the Youth World Championships in Imst, Austria, this past weekend.

The top American finishers in Lead were Sasha DiGiulian, third in Female Juniors, and Ben Isaac Tresco, eighth in Male Youth B. Several Americans placed in the top 10 in Speed as well, including Francesca Metcalf (4th, Female Juniors), Kayla Lieuw (5th, Female Youth B), and Josh Levin (10th, Male Youth A).

Almost 40 Americans traveled to Austria to compete, with about half finishing in the top 15 in their divisions.

France’s Julia Serriere and Austria’s Johanna Ernst took first and second in Female Juniors Lead, while Slovenian Jure Reztresen, Great Britain’s Edward Hamer, and Italy’s Stefano Ghisolfi took the podium in Male Juniors Lead.

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Female Juniors Lead

  • Sasha DiGiulian, 3rd

  • Francesca Metcalf, 20th

  • Jesse Youngwerth, 25th

Female Juniors Speed

  • Francesca Metcalf, 4th

  • Taylor Clarkin, 14th

  • Lena Ray, 17th

  • Caroline Corcoran, 19th

Female Youth A Lead

  • Delaney Miller, 15th

  • Dana Riddle, 22nd

  • Michaela Kiersch, 23rd

  • Audrey Hsu, 31st

Female Youth A Speed

  • Dana Riddle, 12th

  • Tris Simpson, 15th

  • Delaney Miller, 17th

  • Kelly Birch, 24th

  • Ilana Wernick, 25th

Female Youth B Lead

  • Katherine Lamb, 10th

  • Laurel Todd, 22nd

  • Callie Walker, 29th

  • Jacquelyn Wu, 44th

Female Youth B Speed

  • Kayla Lieuw, 5th

  • Jacquelyn Wu, 9th

  • Bailey Dickinson, 13th

  • Marisa Romero, 14th

Male Juniors Lead

  • Alex Johnson, 20th

  • Alex Fritz, 22nd

  • Andrew Kim, 40th

  • Danny Aleksovski, 47th

  • Augy Cohn, 51st

Male Juniors Speed

  • Addison Kim, 14th

  • Julian Boyd, 18th

  • Will Roderick, 20th

  • Augy Cohn, 21st

Male Youth A Lead

  • Josh Levin, 20th

  • Dominic Labarge, 30th

  • Joseph Gifford, 40th

  • Kyle Francis, 43rd

Male Youth A Speed

  • Josh Levin, 10th

  • Dominic Labarge, 13th

  • Thomas Pitzel, 15th

  • Kyle Francis, 16th

Male Youth B Lead

  • Ben Isaac Tresco, 8th

  • Brendan Mitchell, 18th

  • Solomon Barth, 29th

  • Nicholas Bradley, 41st

Male Youth B Speed

  • Collier Skinn, 11th

  • Sean Bailey, 15th

  • Brendan Mitchell, 16th

  • Jacob Wilbur, 18th