DiGiulian's Second 5.14d: Era Bella


4/25/12 - Sasha DiGiulian has climbed her second 5.14d with Chris Sharma's Era Bella in Margalef, Spain. This comes about six months after her historic ascent of Pure Imagination (5.14d) in the Red River Gorge, when she became the first American woman to climb the grade. (Watch DiGiulian on Pure Imaginationhere.)

DiGiulian worked on Era Bella for six days overall, since she first tried the route in March. She wrote that this was her longest project yet, and that she's "never worked on a route and left it unsent before." (She needed only six attempts for Pure Imagination.) Here's what she said on her blog:

"Era Bella... definitely introduced me to the emotions of working hard toward something and not initially succeeding. I know that there are tons of routes out there that will require much more time and effort, and I am ready to confront these challenges! I guess my only problem is time‚ often I am not at one location for too much time because I like to experience new routes everywhere, and I have other commitments, but with inspiring routes like Era Bella, it is easy to become fixated on a goal."

Big Up Productions, who broke the news on their Twitter page, filmed the ascent. Era Bella has seen at least four other repeats, by Ramon Julian Puigblanque, David Firnenburg, Adam Ondra, and Ben Spannuth.

Date of ascent: April 25, 2012

Source: Big Up's Twitter, sasha-digiulian.com/blog