Do you consider yourself an elite mountain athlete?


Bugaboo Spire. Photo by Luke Laeser.


If you're the kind of person that does hard alpine routes or steep ski descents — in the middle of nowhere — we need your input. We'd like you to complete a brief survey for a Wilderness Medicine Research Project being conducted by West Virginia University.

The real question is do you have the knowledge to get your crew off the mountain safely should things go wrong? If you think your knowledgable enough to be doing these activities, at altitude, at the highest level then please take a few minutes to help with a Wilderness Medicine Research Project to help us understand how extreme athletes can do better to minimize our maximum risk taking behavior. Please click on the link below and take a few minutes to answer a few multiple choice questions on backcountry medical situations and see how you would perform.

By enrolling in the research project you will also become eligible for a random drawing to win a complete backcountry medical kit (~$75 value).

Thank you for your participation.

Click Here to take the survey

Purpose of the Study The primary purpose for this research study is to assess elite mountain athletes’ general knowledge of wilderness medicine. We will also compare the wilderness medical knowledge of two groups of athletes, mountaineers and extreme skiers. Further review of the data will be utilized to determine if previous enrollment in a medical course such as (first responder, EMT, OEC, or AWLS) increases an athlete’s preparedness. The target subjects are the elite athletes venturing unguided into unregulated backcountry areas of mountain terrain. This research study is being conducted by Dr. Matt Campbell as part of the requirements for the completion of an emergency medicine training program under the direction of Dr. Jack Ditty who is an Assistant Professor at West Virginia University’s Department of Emergency Medicine. This study is being sponsored by the Department of Emergency Medicine at West Virginia University.