Dosage V Review

Big Up Productions

Big Up Productions

A film by Josh Lowell - Big Up ProductionsIf you haven't picked up the new Dosage V DVD, or gone to one of the premier events, you're really missing out. Not only do you get to see Beth Rodden make the first ascent of Meltdown (5.14c); you get to watch her gear fall out as she puts it in — Talk about gripping! Then you get to watch Sharma get shut down on his new ridiculous 5.15/9b project. Now... I don't know about you, but seeing Sharma struggle makes me feel just a little bit better about not getting up that 12a last week.

Plus there's Daniel Woods on Rocky Mountain National Park's Jade (V15) — in the DARK. Are you kidding me... recently some friends and I hiked up into RMNP to see this sick problem and I cut my hand just feeling the business hold. I guess that's why it's V15... And the best dose, in my opinion, is the section on Yosemite bouldering because Tommy Caldwell is my idol, inspiration and favorite climber... The filming of that dose in my opinion is the best climbing film I have ever seen — Josh Lowell is a professional.

If that's not enough spray you still have: Dave Graham, Jason Kehl, Dani Andrada, Patxi Usobiaga, Michael Fuselier, Paul Robinson, Daila Ojeda, Ty Landman and more.

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