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Dosage Volume V World Premiere


Boulder Theater, Wednesday, June 4, 8:00PMDosage V, the latest climbing film from Big UP Productions, features non-stop action with breathtaking visuals and an unmatched roster of the world's top climbers, including: Beth Rodden, Tommy Caldwell, Dave Graham, Chris Sharma, Daniel Woods, Paul Robinson, Dani Andrada, Patxi Usobiaga, Daila Ojeda, Ty Landman, Jason Kehl, Randy Puro, Matt Bosley, Michael Fuselier, and more. Special guests at the show include Beth Rodden, Daniel Woods, Paul Robinson, Ty Landman, and Jason Kehl. Tickets available at The Spot and BRC for $12, $14.50 at the Boulder Theater All tickets include a FREE day pass to The Spot Afterparty with Beer specials at Bacaro