Dream Team


Today’s stoutest climbs blast out caves, roofs, and bulges, requiring spider gyrations and disco footwork — heel hooks, bicycle moves, toe scums, etc. complementing traditional edging and smearing. Which is where the FIVE TEN TEAM 5.10 ($144.95, fiveten.com) — designed for the company’s athletes and performance-minded public alike — comes in. If you dig the support/precision of the Dragon and the grab of the Projects, check out the Team — like the latter, a single Velcro strap ratchets fit, while elastic pulls you into the narrowvolume footbed. The sole is a thin (3.5mm) Stealth Mystique, which wraps high over the toe for foot-top maneuvers; the gill-like slits here keep the forefoot flexible. The synthetic uppers stretch little. My tester pair climbed hyper-precisely in a rock-gym lead cave, on gently overhanging Colorado granite, and on thuggy Flatirons sandstone.

—Matt Samet