Drew Ruana Completes Second Ascent of Box Therapy (V16)

“Ever since I saw the vid of @dawoods89 [Daniel Woods] FAing this line I’ve wanted to do it,” wrote Drew Ruana of Box Therapy (V16). On Saturday, July 18, Ruana announced that he’d completed the second ascent of the problem.

Located near Box Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, Box Therapy is the sit start to Spread Eagle, a V11 established by Tommy Caldwell in 2007/2008. The full line, completed by Daniel Woods in 2018, follows 18 moves of powerful micro crimps up the 50-degree stone.

“I was attracted most to the holds and movement of the line,” Woods told Climbing after the first ascent. “There is just one set of hold going out this mega roof and I believe just one sequence that works. It had everything I look for in a pure bloc.”

Read more about the problem and the first ascent by Daniel Woods.

Beyond the climbing difficulties, Box Therapy also requires a 6.5 mile approach from the Wild Basin parking lot. Woods estimated that he walked 91 miles back and forth to the bloc before completing the first ascent.

“Something about hiking 13 miles every day to try this boulder made the experience that much more special,” wrote Ruana.

Box Therapy is Ruana’s second V16 ascent. In January of 2020 he completed Sleepwalker (V16) in Black Velvet Canyon, Red Rock, Nevada.

A video of Ruana’s Box Therapy ascent is in the works. In the meantime, watch a video of the first ascent by Daniel Woods below.