Electric Peak


I cannot resist staring

at distant Electric Peak

from the top of Mount Washburn

as I am drawn to its dazzling white

snowfields attracting stands of clouds—

no doubt the build-up of a summer thunderstorm—

such as the one Henry Gannett felt in 1872 when his

entire body painfully tingled

and his hair stood on end

as a powerful storm approached

its summit. Certainly when John Muir climbed Electric Peak

a dozen years later, he too, experienced

the vitality of its wildness

lending credence to its name.

The Summit Lighthouse Webcam of Electric Peak

Image updates every 10 minutes courtesy of tsl.org. The Webcam is located on the Royal Teton Ranch about 5.5 miles northeast of Electric Peak.

Electric Peak is just across the Montana line in Yellowstone National Park and rises to 10,992 feet.