Elias Wins Mixed Climbing Comp in Vail


2/12/2013 - From February 7 to 10, the second Winter Mountain Games took place in Vail, Colorado, including competitions for mixed climbing, skiing, and snowshoeing, and other winter sports. Professional climbers competed for a slice of a $6,000 purse, and Sam Elias took home the biggest prize.

Elias ended up going head-to-head with Scott Adamson, who finished second; their times were 5:30 and 7:24, respectively. Will Mayo followed in third, with a time of 8:38. Elias ended up climbing 14 pitches by the end of the day, more than anyone else. He was the winner for the 2012 comp as well.

The comp consisted of two 50-foot-long mixed routes, which were mirror images of each other. Climbers simultaneously raced up each route, consisting of dry-tooling on regular holds and ice climbing on foam meant to mimic ice; the winner was first determined by highpoint, and then by fastest time. This year, the men and women competed against each other; but the only female competitor was Dawn Glanc (three women participated last year, and Glanc took home first). She made it to semi-finals but was beaten by Will Mayo.

Date of competition: February 8, 2013

Source: Winter Mountain Games